Estancia 25 de Mayo

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Estancia 25 de Mayo is a half-day excursion to visit this typical Patagonian estancia located very close to the center of El Calafate, showing its historical connection with the birth and growth of the city. The estancia has 17,000 hectares of countryside stretching from the shores of Lake Argentino to the border with Chile in the south. It is an ideal place to rest and enjoy the landscape at the foot of Cerro Calafate, breathing the purest Patagonian air.

After being picked up at your hotel in El Calafate at 5:30 p.m. you will be welcomed at Estancia 25 de Mayo with mates and tortas fritas while being told the history of the estancia, the first settlers of Calafate and how their activities were carried out in the early 20th century. A demonstration of the typical Patagonian activity of herding sheep with dogs will be given.
After the talk and the sheep herding, the excursion continues with a walk around the estancia and along the Calafate stream while visiting the old shearing shed and corrals. There they will have a demonstration of sheep shearing with scissors and will also visit the organic garden that produces the vegetables that are used in the estancia’s barbecue for dinner.

After the tour of the estancia, you will be guided to the restaurant “El Quincho” where dinner is offered: starter “empanadas criollas, escabeches and stews; main course: grilled Patagonian lamb accompanied by other cuts and salads from the organic garden; dessert: homemade flan with dulce de leche and coffee or tea. What makes Estancia 25 de Mayo different from other tourist estancias is that after dinner you can enjoy a folkloric show and a tour of the typical dances of Argentina.

Afternoon menu + dinner:
Traditional: Welcome appetizer, Creole empanada, grilled lamb, chorizo and blood sausage, garden salad and rustic potatoes. Dessert: Homemade flan, chocolate mousse, bread pudding or apple crumble with ice cream.
Vegetarian: Welcome appetizer, pumpkin soup with garlic and white wine. Pumpkin ravioli. Dessert: Homemade flan, chocolate mousse, bread pudding or apple crumble with ice cream.

To Consider

  • Duration: 3/5 hours (pick up times for hotels may vary by 30 minutes).
  • Difficulty level: EASY.
  • Age: Tour suitable for all ages.
  • Recommendations: Wear warm clothing, gloves and comfortable shoes,
  • Includes: Entrance to the 25 de Mayo Ranch. Optional dinner with a drink included. Bilingual guide.


Estancia 25 de Mayo

Country afternoon with dinner


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