Nativo Experience – Lunch

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3 1/2 HS

The Nativo Experience – Dinner tour is a medium-duration activity in which you travel in 4×4 vehicles along the coast of the Argentinian Lake within the ‘Estancia 25 de Mayo’ Nature Reserve, being ideal for the day of arrival or departure from El Calafate. The excursion offers an anthropological and historical approach to the passage of man through the land, rediscovering the experiences of the first expeditions that ventured into the unknown through the Santa Cruz River and Argentinian Lake.

Nativo Experience focuses on the history of the first contacts of explorers with the Tehuelches (native indigenous people of the area), crossing cliffs and marveling at views of the Argentinian Lake and the Andes Mountains. After being picked up from your hotel in El Calafate in 4×4 vehicles, you will head towards the ‘Estancia 25 de Mayo’ where you will make your first stop on the shores of the lake. There, the native flora and fauna will be interpreted and an explanation on glaciology and geology will be given.

The second stop will be at the cliffs in front of the lake from where you will have magnificent views of the surroundings and the Andes Mountains.

Finally, at the third stop, we will visit the archaeological zone where the caves are located. There you will be able to appreciate rock art through paintings in the caves on the shores of the lake, where thousands of years ago the Tehuelche culture left its marks that we can interpret. It’s there, inside the cave, where you will have dinner enjoying a unique experience in a totally natural environment that will transport you to those remote years of the first explorers. At night, you can enjoy one of the 10 best skies in the world to appreciate the stars. After the tour and lunch, you will return to your hotel in El Calafate.

Normal menu: Pumpkin soup, lamb casserole, chocolate mousse, drink included.
Vegetarian menu:
Pumpkin soup, vegetable casserole, chocolate mousse, drink included.
*Choose menu in order notes. Ex: 2 normal menu + 2 vegetarian menu

To consider

  • Duration: 3 1/2 hours (pick up times for hotels may vary by 30 minutes).
  • Difficulty level: EASY
  • Age: All ages
  • Recommendations: Wear warm clothing (shirt, fleece, warm jacket), comfortable shoes, gloves and a hat since the food is offered inside a cave and, although it is conditioned for tourism and sheltered from the rain, it can be very cold.
  • Includes: Transfer from your hotel. Dinner inside the cave. Entrance to the Nature Reserve ‘Estancia May 25’. Guide service.
Nativo experiencie



Nativo Experience – Lunch

4×4 tour and dinner in Wallichu cave


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