Darwin Experience

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Bus y kayak

In Darwin Experience you will visit the Patagonian steppe in a unique way, sailing in double kayaks along the Santa Cruz River from the famous Charles Furh area, located at the mouth of the Argentinian Lake, to ‘Estancia El Rincón’. You will learn part of the route that Charles Darwin made through the area of ​​El Calafate sailing in the mid of the 19th century, which gives a touch of history to the adventure of kayaking in Patagonia.

Darwin Experience begins when we pick you up in 4×4 trucks at the hotel in El Calafate to go to the Charles Furh area located 40 km from the city. Upon arrival, we will prepare to live the experience by doing warm-up exercises while the certified guides provide an explanation of how the activity is carried out. All the necessary equipment that is included (Gore Tex dry suits, life jacket, boots and gloves) will be provided there. Once the kayak begins on the Santa Cruz River, it will last 80 minutes traveling 15 km until reaching ‘Estancia El Rincón’ while you will be able to appreciate the infinity of the Patagonian steppe.

Upon arrival at the residence, you will be greeted by another of the guides who will offer you lunch with a menu that includes grilled provolone, local steaks and chocolate mousse for dessert. Drinks also included. After lunch, the journey back to the city begins in the 4×4 trucks. The excursion offers the possibility that if any of the passengers does not want to kayak, they can go in the vans. He will always be accompanied by a guide and will meet at the ranch for lunch with the rest of the group.

To Consider

  • Duration: 5 1/2 hours
  • Difficulty level: MEDIUM.
  • Age: From 12 years old.
  • Recommendations: Wear warm clothing, gloves and comfortable shoes,
  • Includes: Transfer from your hotel in 4×4. (pick up times for hotels may vary by 30 minutes). Outdoor lunch in an authentic Patagonian ranch. Double kayaks, paddles, Gore-Tex waterproof dry suit, boots, gloves and life jacket.



Darwin Experience

Kayak in Santa Cruz River + trekking + lunch


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