Safari Bike Experience

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5 hs
4x4 and Bike

Safari Bike Experience is a bicycle tour through the high fields of the Estancia 25 de Mayo Natural Reserve, where we can feel Patagonia in all its splendor, marveling at the landscapes and animals that inhabit these lands.

The reserve has areas that are geologically and paleontologically unique in Argentina. It protects one of the most important fossil crab sites in the world, an oyster reef and rocks that contain remains of fossil mammals that are approximately 15 million years old. Within the property is Cerro Calafate and a section of the stream of the same name. Added to the numerous sites of geological and paleontological interest are its scenic beauty, its faunal and floristic richness of the steppe and a series of archaeological sites.

We leave El Calafate in 4×4 vehicles heading south, through the valley of the Calafate stream. After an ascent of 15 km, we arrive at La Section de Estancia 25 de Mayo, where the MTB bicycles are waiting for us. After the technical talk, we depart with Safari Bike Experience on an excursion that will allow us to see a wide variety of fauna: guanacos, foxes, choikes, condors and eagles.

Crossing the Valley of the Guanacos, and with an impressive view of the Verlika and Baguales hills, we arrive at a chenque (ancient Tehuelche burial site) where we will stop to rest, hydrate and contemplate the Patagonian immensity. Finally we return to La Seccion, where they wait for us with lunch before descending to El Calafate in a 4×4 vehicle.

Cheese board, confit lamb and olives, lamb casserole on country bread, chocolate mouse, drinks.


  • Duration: 5 hours (pick up times for hotels may vary by 30 minutes).
  • Difficulty level: HIGH.
  • Age: From 16 years old.
  • Recommendations: Wear comfortable footwear (trekking boots or sneakers), backpack, jacket or windbreaker, warm clothing, and hat. Sunscreen, sunglasses and bottle of water.
    Includes: Transfer from your hotel. Guide during the tour. Lunch.



Safari Bike Experience

Safari Bike at Estancia 25 de Mayo.


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