Cañadón Experience

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5 hs

Cañadón Experience is a trekking of medium difficulty that allows us to go along the Calafate stream until we reach the Estancia 25 de Mayo section. The surrounding hills form a canyon that invites you to discover it enjoying the stream, always sheltered from the wind that the valley offers.

We leave El Calafate in 4×4 vehicles heading south. After a 3 km drive, we reach the starting point of the trekking. Crossing ravines and streams, we walk up the valley that will take us into unexplored landscapes of Patagonia. During the course of the hike we will see a large number of birds, river trout and flora characteristic of the steppe.

Geological formations containing marine fossils show us that the environments we pass through have mutated over the years.

The trekking ends after 7 kilometers in La Sección, 800 meters above sea level, where lunch is waiting for us, and then we return to El Calafate in the 4×4 vehicle.

To Consider

  • Duration: 5 hours (pick up times for hotels may vary by 30 minutes).
  • Difficulty level: MEDIUM.
  • Age: From 12 years old.
  • Recommendations: Wear comfortable footwear (trekking boots or sneakers), backpack, jacket or windbreaker, warm clothing, and hat. Sunscreen, sunglasses and bottle of water.
  • Includes: Guide throughout the tour. Lunch.



Cañadón Experience

Trekking through canyons and streams.


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